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Allow us to step in and take care of everything

We pride ourselves on handling and preparing each funeral with the utmost care and respect. We understand that each family has different requirements and needs. We are dedicated to going above and beyond in ensuring that everything is taken care of to the highest possible standards. 

To achieve our aim, we provide a range of set funeral packages, as well as bespoke and individually tailored funeral arrangements. 

We believe that everyone deserves a unique send-off complementing the life they have lived, with attention to detail. Whether it’s a religious service or civil, spiritual or humanist, we are trained to advise and understand the needs of your loved one and you as a family. We offer traditional, modern and eco-friendly funerals as well as tailored options that allow plenty of room for individuality and choice.

Religious and non-religious services

Our team is respectful, engaging, and welcoming to all faiths. We also understand and respect the wishes of those who don’t want a religious service. If you have questions regarding arranging a specific funeral, be sure to contact one of our team members who will be able to help you find what you’re looking for.

Burial or Cremation

Many families share the same belief when it comes to death, others may differ in opinion. If you know what the deceased may have wanted, please let the us know. If you are not aware of any preferences, you may wish to check their will or expression of wishes or talk to friends and other family members. We also advise you to check if there is a funeral plans in place. Whether it is burial or cremation our team of experienced professionals are here to help, always. Call us on 01279 422123

What are the costs?

We value transparency and want to be as clear as possible about our costs from the start. We provide affordable options that allow you to cover everything within a realistic budget. An estimate of costs is given during each arrangement and an invoice is produced before the service. 

As a guide, we have listed the typical costs of our different packages below. We have also given an example of a bespoke funeral, the price of which will vary depending on your individual choices throughout the arrangement process.

Traditional Funerals from 


Modern Funerals from


Eco Funerals from 


Testimonial (1)

Helen O'Driscoll

I cannot recommend FJ Pinnock and Son enough.
Today we got to say goodbye to and celebrate the life of our best friend who passed suddenly, I can’t thank the team at FJ Pinnock and Son enough especially the wonderful Jenna, nothing was too much trouble, she was always so caring, and showed our friend the utmost respect, dignity and love whilst she was in her care, every single detail of today was perfect, from allowing us to walk with our friend one last time, to all the small details. They are truly amazing and genuinely care not just about the person who has passed but about each family they take care of.

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